Storage Tips

Storage and Use of Processed Meat:

All smoked meats (salami, kiebasi, pepperoni, and hotdogs) may be frozen in Ziploc freezer bags, wrapped in freezer paper, or vacuum sealed.  IT MUST BE AIR TIGHT!

When taking these meats out of the freezer to consume, unwrap them completely and let them sit on an open shelf in your refrigerator.  This allows the air to circulate around the meat.  If you keep them in butcher paper, plastic or the crisper, they will spoil quickly due to moisture.  These meats should be consumed within a one to two week period of time.

Fresh Meats:

Fresh cuts of meats (sausage) should be consumed within TWO days of taking out of your freezer!  This is also true for HOT DOGS!

All fresh meats and processed meats should be consumed within ONE year of stamped date on package.  Have any questions?  Call us at 845.876.6306.