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Venison Information Sheet

We process and package whole carcass deer into ground venison and will save tenderloins and filets, if desired, or the entire deer goes to further venison processing, such as: pepperoni, kielbasa, snack sticks, salamis, hot dogs and fresh venison sausages in links only.

We accept clean, boneless venison for further processing from hunters who wish to cut their own deer.  Simply de-bone your venison and make sure that there is no dirt, heavy sinew, fat, dried out or discolored (not red) meat, hair, or blood clots on the meat.  A small amount of the light silver skin is fine.  The meat may be left in chunks the size of your fist. Store your venison in CLEAN, CLEAR, FOOD GRADE storage bags.  NO GARBAGE BAGS PLEASE!!  (They are chemically treated!)  Fill a one gallon clear freezer bag with venison chunks and freeze.  We do NOT accept ground venison! Call our shop (845.876.6306) to place your name on our Venison Processed Meat Order list.

Once we have caught up on processing for customers who brought us their whole deer, we will call hunters who elected to cut their own deer at home, to schedule an appointment and bring in their own meat for further processing.  We accept and process venison orders on a first call, first served basis.  Your waiting time may be anywhere from two weeks to four months before getting a call from us to bring in your venison for processing.  We reserve the right to refuse any venison that we believe was not handled and/or stored properly.  We occasionally offer classes on how to skin and bone-out your deer when time permits.  If you are interested, please call us for an appointment.


Field dress your deer as soon as possible. Be careful to remove the rectum, bladder, intestines, and lungs without breaking them open, as this will contaminate the meat.  When you get home and if the deer is still warm and fresh, rinse its cavity with clean potable water, drying and wiping out any excess water with clean paper towels.  Never rinse out your deer with river or pond water, as there are high counts of bacteria in the water that will spoil the meat.  To speed up the cooling of the carcass, prop open the chest cavity with a stick or piece of wood. You can ruin a perfectly field dressed deer by laying it on its side and not allowing the heat to escape its cavity.

Any deer that is shot and not found within a few hours, or that is shot and lays over night even when it is cold outside, or that is found where rigamortis has set in should be left in the woods for the coyotes to eat.  This type of deer is not fit for human consumption or further processing.  The high bacterial count from all the stomach and intestinal acid and heat remaining inside the deer for such a long period of time has soured and spoiled the meat.  Any deer brought here that was either gut shot or left overnight as described above will be refused processing and charged a $10 fee to dispose of the carcass.


All further processed venison will be mixed with 1/3 pork trimmings, which will give you a 50% weight gain on most sausages and smoked meats and a 100% weight gain on cheese salamis and hot dogs.

Examples:  20 lbs. venison=30 lbs. pepperoni, snack sticks, sausages

                    20 lbs. venison=40 lbs. hotdogs or 8 sticks (5 lbs.) Cheese Salami

All venison is mixed together for smoked and fresh sausages.  All venison orders should be placed in 5 pound increments.  If you wish to have your own venison back from smoked and fresh sausages, you must have a minimum of 30-35 lbs. of boneless venison, which will yield a 50-65 lb. batch of one item of finished product.  Again, any lesser amounts will be mixed with other people’s venison.  Be confident that your clean venison will be mixed with only clean venison.  Our motto:  If we wouldn’t eat it, we won’t process it!


Your venison will be vacuum packed in approximately 1 -1 ½ lb. packages.  Bulk fresh sausage and ground venison will be wrapped in white freezer paper.  You will be either told at the time of drop off when to pick up your meat or will be given a phone call when it is ready.  Please pick up your order within 3 days of it being finished or you will be charged a $3/box/day storage fee. Your meat should be consumed within one year of the date stamped on the package, thus insuring the best taste and freshness.  Some people keep meat for 2-3 years and tell us it is still good, but we do NOT recommend this practice.


Fresh whole deer brought in for processing will be finished in 1-3 days for all your fresh cuts of meat depending upon our work load and available help.  Processed smoked meats and sausages will take 1-3 weeks longer from the whole deer that we processed.  We will hold the meat in our freezer until we have the time and help to process it.  You will then be given another call to come and pick up that processed meat.

Hunters who process and de-bone their own venison and who are on our list to call will be given a 3-4 days notice and instructed as to what day and time to bring it in.  The meat must be almost thawed and taken out of its packaging upon arrival at our shop for inspection.  Once the meat passes inspection and is weighed, you place your order. You will be told or called when to pick up your finished order, usually within 1 week.

We also process cattle and hogs. We process only venison from November 1st to December 31st.  We try to process your venison as quickly as possible, but we must also begin to serve our domestic meat customers after the New Year. Thus, our waiting lists will most likely get longer. We ask that you be patient with us until we call you.  We believe our venison products are worth the wait!

Thank you!

Malafy's Meat Processing LLC