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Beef Processing

An average 400 lb. side of beef
approximately consists of:

                                    8 CHUCK STEAKS, 1" THICK
                                    2 CHUCK ROASTS, 3-4 LBS. EACH
                                    2 CROSS RIB ROASTS OR 4 SHOULDER LONDON BROIL
                                    2 BRISKETS, 3-4 LBS. EACH
                                    16 RIB STEAKS OR 4 RIB ROASTS
                                    4 PACKAGES SHORT RIBS OR GROUND BEEF
                                    1 FLANK STEAK
                                    8-10 PORTERHOUSE STEAKS, 1" THICK
                                    7-8 SIRLOIN STEAKS
                                    2 TOP ROUND ROASTS, 4 LBS. EACH
                                    4 TOP ROUND LONDON BROILS
                                    2 TOP SIRLOIN ROASTS, 5 LBS. EACH
                                    3 BOTTOM ROUND ROASTS, 4-5 LBS. EACH
                                    1 EYE ROUND ROAST, 5-6 LBS.
                                    STEW BEEF, 10-15 LBS. OR GROUND BEEF
                                    GROUND BEEF 70-80 LBS.
                                    BONES FOR DOGS OR SOUP
                                    SUET, 10-15 LBS.
                                    BEEF LIVER, 5-6 LBS.
***CURRENT Pricing for standard Beef Orders is $4.00/LB HANGING WEIGHT.  For customers who want 1/lb packaging for ground beef or patties the cost is $4.10/LB***


Facts about your beef:

The meat that you will be buying is from the Red or Black Angus breed of steers from local farmers in the Hudson Valley, NY area.  The cattle are finished on a grain supplement diet and grass.  They have not been given any growth hormones and are considered "natural."

Do I have enough space in my freezer?

You should allow one cubic foot per about 40 pounds of freezer wrapped cuts of meat.

What is the weight of a Whole, Side or Half, or Quarter of Beef?

An average steer will be about 800 to 1,000 pounds dressed hanging weight.  A side of beef will weigh around 400 to 500 pounds and a quarter around 200 to 250 pounds of meat.  The total cost is based on the hanging weight of the carcass.  The average steer will lose about 40% to 45% of weight in the cutting process.  You will receive about 240 to 300 pounds of edible meat for a side (half) of beef.

If you buy the whole beef or a side of beef, you make take advantage of a custom order for your individual likes and preferences.  If you order a quarter, your preferences in cutting will be shared with the person who is also receiving a quarter.  Beef quarters are comprised of one half of the fore quarter and one half of the hind quarter.  In other words, your order is identical to the order of the person you are sharing your side of beef or simply stated: all quarter sides of beef orders must be cut exactly the same.  For example, all steaks are cut one inch thick; not one inch steaks for one quarter and two inch steaks for the shared quarter.  This is the only fair way of splitting a quarter side of beef.

How long will meat stay in the freezer and still be good?

Your freezer order is good for up to one year from its processed date, which is stamped on each individual cut.  You should base the size of your order on the number of persons and the consumption of meat in your family.  This will avoid having meat for any lengthy period of time.

What are the benefits of purchasing a whole or side of beef?

First, you are supporting local farmers and agriculture in the Hudson Valley.  Second, you will be able to purchase beef that has a variety of price cuts (porterhouse steak to ground beef for about $6.00 to $7.00 / lb.).  Third, you are receiving your cuts (and especially ground meat) from only one steer.  Fourth, the quality of meat is usually a  high choice or prime.  Only 2% of all USA beef is prime.  Fifth, we age our beef for about 7 to 10 days.  Lastly, you select the cuts and sizes that your family prefers; this is the advantage of custom meat processing.

If you would like to place an order with us, please complete a Beef Cutting Sheet.  Fax it to us or bring it with you when you drop off your animals to us.