Domestic Meat Price List

Domestic Meat Price List / Information
Effective APRIL 1, 2022
$120/a head to slaughter; $1.00/lb. to cut and wrap based on hot, hanging weight; all cuts vacuum sealed in 2 lb. packages or larger; minimum charge of 500 lbs. per steer. All beef will be aged 8-12 days depending upon workload at time of year.  Carcass beef, out whole, and slaughter only is $150.

Custom cutting is available for Whole and Half beef sides.  Our beef is raised locally and are typically Black Angus Breeds. Please place order ahead of time desired by calling shop, 845.876.6306.
Extra Services and Fees:
1. Beef Patties $1.00/lb. extra 50 lb. minimum order
2. 1 lb. packages $.50 extra per package 
$1.60/lb. hanging weight (includes slaughter, cut, wrap, smoked hams, bacons, and bulk sausage) based on hot, hanging weight; minimum charge of 150 lbs. per hog.
Any other cuts you wish smoked will be charged at $1.50/lb. extra. Linked Sausage is $1.50/lb. extra.  Slaughter Only: a hog that dresses under 200lbs. is charged $70/unit; a hog that dresses over 200lbs. will be charge $.35/lb. hanging weight. 

Custom cutting instructions are available for whole hogs.  Please place order ahead of time desired by calling shop, 845.876.6306.
We no longer process lambs, goats, or calves.

Malafy’s Meat Processing, LLC reserves the right to refuse the slaughter and processing of any animal and a $20 surcharge on any animal brought here
that is not reasonably clean. Any meat not picked up within two days of being finished will be charged $1.00/box/day.  Unless prior arrangements have been