Deer Season 2020 Info

2020 DEER SEASON:  Bow, Shot Gun, and Black Powder Hunters

For 2019, we will accept whole carcass deer and will only offer TWO CHOICES for whole carcass deer:


1. They will be BONED OUT for further processing (fresh sausages, kielbasa, salami, etc.), THE ENTIRE DEER.


2. They will be BONED OUT for fresh ground venison (with or without fat added), of THE ENTIRE DEER and we can save back straps/tenderloin and filets at customer's request.


Shop hours are Monday through Friday (7am to 5pm) and Saturday (7 am to 12 pm) (BOW SEASON) and 7 am to 5 pm (GUN SEASON) or until the hour that we have filled to capacity.  We have also decided that we are CLOSED FOR ALL BUSINESS ON SUNDAYS through the entire deer season. 

For those of you who want your deer processed into fresh cuts (steaks, loins, roasts, cutlets, and stew meat), we are referring you to the following processors in the area.  Please call them to make your own arrangements.  See below list.

Greg Hangac: 845.242.7958             Kris Brill 845.453.0223
Randy Plass: 518.755.6928              Keith Schaeffler 845.375.0675
Timber 2 Table: 845.835.8190          Sean Lacy 845.784.7448

Hunters:  Properly field dress your deer.  Rinse carcass with potable water.  Then, prop open the chest cavity to cool.  Keep hide on.  Don't cut the achilles tendons. Deer that has not been gutted will NOT be accepted!

For hunters who cut their own deer, we can further process your venison into tasty treats such as: snack sticks, salami, pepperoni, and various fresh sausages.  Hunters who wish to bring us their clean, boneless meat for processing may do so by appointment.