We regret to say that this is our LAST YEAR FOR PROCESSING WHOLE CARCASS DEER.  Please look for a new processor for 2017 bow and gun season.  We will, however, accept clean, boneless venison for further processing in December and January by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Call shop to  schedule this appointment. Thank you for the past years together.

Due to a high volume of processed meat orders, our last day to accept whole carcass deer is Monday, DEC 12th.   After this date, we will NOT accept deer for muzzle loading and late bow season.  We apologize for the inconvenience. We thank you and appreciate your choosing us as your processor for the past years.

Hunters:  Properly field dress your deer.  Rinse carcass with potable water.  Then, prop open the chest cavity to cool.  Keep hide on.  Don't cut the achilles tendons. Deer that has not been gutted will NOT be accepted!

Malafy's Meat Processing, LLC is a USDA inspected meat processing facility that offers slaughtering, cutting, wrapping, smoking, and further processing of your cattle and hogs.  Call to make an appointment.  Smoked meats are not under USDA inspection.

We also sell beef (whole, sides ,and quarters) and hogs (whole or half) custom cut and wrapped to your specifications.  Call for latest price information.

November 19th until January 1st - All domestic meat processing ceases to accommodate Venison Processing.

For hunters, we can further process your venison into tasty treats such as: snack sticks, salami, pepperoni, and various fresh sausages.  Hunters who wish to bring us their clean, boneless meat for processing may do so by appointment.  Our turn around time for all processed orders is one week.

Phone: 845.876.6306